About Brigantes

Brigantes' Ethos

Brigantes is dedicated to taking the combined knowledge of the outdoor industry and bringing it to the military user.

The military is required to work in the most demanding of environments. It is here that we believe that the top brands in the outdoor industry can provide the best advice and designs that will reduce weight and increase performance.

  • Top Brands
  • Quality Equipment
  • Best Prices
  • Impeccable Service

The brands we use are the best at what they do. With such a long family history in the outdoor industry we are in a privileged position to hold close relationships with all of the top manufacturers and help them understand the challenges posed by the military as well as enable the military to understand the outdoor industry.

Brigantes is founded on a very strong ethical base and is insistent on providing completely transparent advice to suppliers and customers in the belief that real success can only be achieved and maintained with this mindset.

Ultimately our aim is to improve the operational effectiveness of the military’s key assets: its personnel.