About Brigantes

Our Story

From a dream to improve issued kit for the military, a business was born. A business that cared about the products being provided to our armed services.

An ex regular Royal Marine had a desire to shake the original buying patterns of the military to the core. To disprove the belief that established companies, within the defence industry, were the only option when considering what should be worn by the military. That you only get the best kit by paying an extortionate price. From over decades of experience growing up in the outdoor industry, he knew this wasn’t the case.

In 2014, he began this astronomical task. Knocking on gate after gate, attempting to meet with key people to demonstrate amazing kit available at a fraction of the cost of what they were paying. To test established biased views and buying patterns of the military. They began to listen.

The next year saw two new partners join the team to assist in the sales and management of Brigantes. Both of them had previous involvement with the military and were also passionate about what Brigantes was trying to achieve. This enabled Brigantes to grow further and as its exemplary reputation grew so did it’s sales and ultimately the team.

The military were beginning to see that budgets could be spent in a much more effective way. Better kit of a higher quality was being bought with less money. Delivery times were accurate and excellent customer service kept people coming back. Military units overseas, heard about the great work achieved by Brigantes and because of this interest Brigantes International was born.

Fast forward 4 years and Brigantes is the thriving business you see now, continuingly going from strength to strength. Still with the same passion and drive to give the men and women on the ground the best quality kit available.