Vertical Movement.

To offer our clients maximum versatility and access, Brigantes has partnered with Helix, one of the world’s leading tactical specialists in delivering vertical access. As a result, our vertical movement capabilities are invaluable for a variety of settings and situations, including…

  • Mountain
  • Urban
  • Maritime
  • Rescue

Extreme Cold Weather.

Extreme cold weather can test a soldier like nothing else. Survival can hinge on split-second decisions and having the right equipment in hand. So if your mission takes you into hellishly cold weather, it’s essential that you go in prepared. Fortunately, Brigantes have the equipment and tools you need to thrive, even in the cruellest of circumstances.


At Brigantes, we never lose sight of the long game. Our team is dedicated to pushing the evolution of our products and product lines, so we’re always ready to meet the demands of an ever-changing world. New challenges and new technologies demand new solutions. And we’ll strive to offer them before the competition.



When it comes to tactical equipment, reliability is the watchword. The last thing a soldier needs is for their equipment to fail when they need it most. That’s why we put every piece of equipment through a rigorous testing process. Our development team tests, evaluates, and refines everything until its dependability is unquestioned.


Over the past four years, our team has developed trusting relationships with various skilled manufacturers around the world. By taking advantage of those connections, we’ve used the most advanced processes to craft high-quality apparel and equipment from the very best components.