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Tactical Insulated Tarp

All OMM Own-Stock Popular Products - HP Sleeping Systems Tactical Tents, Tarps & Bivi's
The OMM Tactical Insulated Tarp is a lightweight waterproof, multipurpose tactical warm/sleeping system. It has a camouflaged waterproof print on the exterior with a...

Staika Tactical

All Hilleberg Own-Stock Popular Products - HP RET-HIDE Tactical Tents Tents, Tarps & Bivi's
The Staika is all about simplicity – but simple does not by any means equate to “sparse.” Easy to pitch, immensely stable, remarkably spacious,...

Tarp 10 UL - Tactical

All Hilleberg Own-Stock RET-HIDE Tactical Tents Tents, Tarps & Bivi's
A tarp provides essential weather protection but still allows you to feel fully “outdoors.” In addition, a tarp can be used to create a...

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