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5 6400/360 Compass

All Compasses Navigation Own-Stock RET-HIDE Silva Tactical
The Expedition and Expedition Global are for professional and experienced users. They are highly accurate and precise whilst being incredibly durable. The global variants...

55 (6400/360) - Tactical

All Compasses Navigation Own-Stock RET-HIDE Silva Tactical
Probably the most resourceful compass in the world for artillery; target acquisition and command posts. The 55 is a unique compass featuring both an...
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Explore 3 Headtorch Tactical (Tan)-Silva-Brigantes Consulting Ltd MR350 Militarie Headlamp

MR350 Militarie Headlamp

All Head Torches Navigation Own-Stock Popular Products - HP RET-HIDE Silva Tactical
A powerful, fully waterproof headlamp with very generous burn time powered by 3 alkaline batteries. The top choice when you need a guide for...

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