Pan America Challenge 2018

As a soldier with the UK Special Forces unit, the Special Boat Service, Dean Stott pushed himself to the limit executing the most harrowing of missions.

However, in 2010 Dean received a devastating blow when a parachuting accident left him in need of reconstructive surgery to his knee. Unable to take part in even the most basic of tasks, Dean was left physically and psychologically like a ‘broken soldier’.

He left the military in 2011 and went onto to have a highly distinguished career in the private security sector and also starred in the 2017 Channel 4 show ‘Spies’.

He set himself a challenge, a quest to break the world record for cycling the length of North and South America, a total of almost 14,000 miles. He described it as ‘the biggest challenge of my life’. This is tough enough already for a man who has just turned 40, has never cycled more than a few miles and is still suffering the effects of his devastating injury, but he also has to complete his challenge in under 117 days to break the record.

Speaking prior to the challenge Dean stated, “Physically it’s going to be hard. Psychologically, it’s probably going to be harder. With close friends in the military suffering from PTSD, I was keen to focus on mental health. I’m aware that mental health is an area that affects all walks of life and not just military personnel and so I wanted to raise that awareness and lift the stigma that accompanies it.”

Dean was raising money for Heads Together. Heads Together is a mental health initiative spearheaded by The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and The Duke of Sussex, Prince Harry, which combines a campaign to tackle stigma and change the conversation on mental health with fundraising for a series of innovative new mental health services.

On the 11th May 2018 after 99 days 12 hours and 56 minutes Dean Stott officially became the fastest person ever to cycling the Longest Road in the world. Destroying the previous record of 117 days 5 hrs. His amazing feat saw him face some of the toughest challenges of his lifetime and his incredible display of super human strength, resilience, passion and endurance has set this mans place in history.

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