Brigantes is a global company. We have developed working relationships with NATO and militaries across the Middle East, Africa, North America, Oceania, and the Far East. In addition, our sales representatives cover every region on planet earth.
Since we work internationally, we’ve carefully cultivated a cultural awareness of the countries where we do business. This has allowed us to tailor our sales process, so military procurement personnel can make informed decisions about equipment before any boots are on the ground.


The team at Brigantes work alongside our partners, including the world’s leading brands and suppliers, to ensure every contract is fulfilled and every soldier is equipped for success.

Brigantes International has a team of experienced professionals who are well versed in international sales and the challenges of modern militaries. No matter what you’re currently facing, our team can guide you to the right solutions and help you get your soldiers equipped for their next mission.

For international sales and procurement assistance, contact us using the link below.


If you can carry it we can source or develop it. From clothing and footwear, to bergans and plate carriers, to drones and ballistic helmets. Roger so far?

Brands Represented By Brigantes International…