Military Marketing Advisors

“Hoofing”, “Gleaming” or just plain “Threaders” with trying to work out if your audience “TAB”, “Yomp”, never “Leave the wire” or like to “Travel light, but gibber at night”? We can help.

Are you trying to market your brand or product to this unique and extremely cliquey audience but don’t know where to start, had limited results or have logistical problems producing genuine content? Fortunately for you, Brigantes have decades of Marketing and Military experience. Roger so far…

Why You Need Us

Throughout our marketing careers, we’ve managed campaigns for some of the worlds biggest outdoor brands. We’ve created and implemented full-funnel marketing strategies for multi-billion dollar organisations. As a result, millions of people have viewed our content and campaigns or fallen for our honed tactics and strategy.

The same as every other marketing agency, right?

But we’ve also served multiple combat tours of Afghanistan, Iraq, etc.; we’ve crawled through boggy ditches, sat motionless in ambushes for hours on end, endured gibberingly cold OP’s, carried our worlds on our backs and deployed in conditions from -50°C to +50°C with some of the best fighting forces in the world.

How many marketing agencies can say they have done that?

We’ve walked the walk so we can talk the talk. Sorry, but if you haven’t, then chances are, you’ll miss something that your steely-eyed military audience won’t, and with the speed of a flashbang, your credibility will be gone.

Brigantes Core Marketing Services

Marketing Strategy

From brand to your customer. From digital to your marketing tech stack, we can audit your current approach, perform market analysis or create a strategy specific to your organisation, and more importantly, your target audiance.

Content Creation

Long-form-video, short-form-video, static, dynamic… we can handle it. Like a broken record, we can advise you on the best type of content to meet your goals and create it for you. We’re always creating content for our own requirement so can offer unparalleled content solutions.

Campaign Management

Once you know the best approach, we can create, launch, optimise and maintain your full-funnel performance marketing campaigns. From paid Facebook/Instagram, Google, LinkedIn and YouTube campaigns to organic social campaigns retargeting and eCRM. Our team have (literally) spent £M’s on Ad campaigns and have been trained by Google and Facebook on how to maximise performance marketing budget.

Data & Analytics

We take a data-driven approach to marketing. By tracking and analysing performance, you can optimise and close the loop with the continuous refinement of your efforts. Configuration of analytics platforms and monthly reporting is just the start.