Brigantes Presents – Helix R3 Harness

by Caroline Williams in products brands
Brigantes Presents – Helix R3 Harness

One of the key requirements for specialist troops is the ability to ascend and descend through a vertical aspect. This could be in mountain terrain, urban environment, maritime or from an airframe. This often means using several different rigs and harnesses. Helix have developed the solution to them all, which is a scalable and flexible system specifically focused for the military user.

The Helix R3 is a modular tactical harness system based on a EN358 PPE certified Riggers Belt with the option of adding lightweight leg loops to create a full sit harness. The belt by itself is rated to hold 15kN (1.5 static tonnes) for a minimum of 3 minutes and the combination of the belt and leg loops meets EN12277 Type C which is the normal standard for climbing sit harnesses. The R3 Riggers belt uses a very slim 45mm design that fits through a trousers waist belt loops and can double as a duty belt. The belt uses a fast release buckle that can be undone or adjusted quickly. The harness system is available in Black, Coyote Brown and Khaki Green.

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