Brigantes Presents - Hilleberg Keron 4GT

by Caroline Williams in news products
Brigantes Presents - Hilleberg Keron 4GT

The Hilleberg Keron (“grouse” in Sami ) 4 GT has been at the top of the list for explorers and arctic adventurers for many years. Its durability, stability, simplicity and roomy interior that made it popular in the civilian world are the same properties that make perfect for the military user. Being able to increase strength by using threading two 10mm poles into each pole sleeve, mean it can deal with the worst weather and wind.

The sand, nearer a coyote or tan, colour option means the tent can be easily used in a variety of environments. For the Arctic, the tent can be used in conjunction with the size specific multi-spectral camouflage nets from Saab Barracuda. The combination of the strong tent and the advanced, lightweight camouflage net combine to provide the military user with a reliable, concealed shelter, in the most challenging environments.

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