Elliot Brown Watches - Holton Professional series.

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Elliot Brown Watches - Holton Professional series.

This watch was developed in collaboration with a specialist branch of the British armed forces.
Having purchased Elliot Brown watches privately it became clear that operators preferred them to the watches they had previously been issued with and approached Elliot Brown to develop a new model with spring bars that would not break, a bezel that could be operated easily even wearing gloves, whose water and dust resistance would be more than up to harsh conditions, with fit for purpose straps that would be a cinch to change and be instantly readable day or night.

We asked operators to bring their current watches and discuss what worked and what didn’t, only then we were able to fully understand the requirement and create the internal brief that made sure the resulting watch would perform faultlessly.
The result is possibly the ultimate field watch whose design language echoes that of vintage military watches yet with all the trademark Elliot Brown house design cues, creating a sense of continuity and familiarity.
The Holton Professional series is the first military issue watch to be created by a British watch company in more than ten years. It is unapologetically fit for purpose and designed for use every day no matter how harsh the conditions.

It takes its name from Holton Heath in Dorset, the location of a wartime cordite factory.

  • Please note, the high grip bezel is not suitable for use with cuffed shirts as prolongued contact may cause fabric to fray *

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