Silva Expedition 5 6400/350 Global

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Silva Expedition 5 6400/350 Global

We are very proud to announce that the Silva Expedition 5 6400/360 Global has been awarded an enabling contract with NATO through NSPA.

This compass is the ideal navigation tool for militaries all over the world. Following significant development work with the Royal Marines and Silva, the compass has evolved into a substantially more robust tool with a thicker base plate and chunkier bezel, which is also now sealed to prevent air bubbles forming.

Functionally the Expedition 5 is light years from the old Militaire. It still has all the useful tools that you would expect on the base plate, such as romers, measurers and magnifying glass but now also has an inclinometer, variable declination, measuring lanyard and most important of all a globally balanced needle.

The global needle enables accurate use of the compass anywhere around the world. This is achieved by magnetising the central gimbal, which rests on a sapphire for the smoothest needle movement possible. The gimbal allows the magnetic elements to point at magnetic north without disturbing the needle and reducing accuracy.

So not only do you get a compass that lasts a lot longer than the older Militaire but it replaces the need for two compasses, northern hemisphere and southern hemisphere. All in all a great efficiency saving which will help expeditionary forces remain accurate and effective in their navigation.

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