Team Wendy – M-216 Ski Sar

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Team Wendy – M-216 Ski Sar

Different from traditional ski helmets, the M-216 represents an important leap forward, providing the ski search and rescue (SAR) professional with a platform that can be scaled up or down to meet the mission requirements.

The M-216™ Ski Search & Rescue helmet features a hybrid shell design; ABS hard front shell provides reinforcement for mounted accessories, and an in-mold PC rear shell reduces weight. It features a glass-reinforced polycarbonate shroud for attaching headlamps and cameras. A machined aluminum Wilcox®shroud insert is available by request for mounting night vision and thermal optics devices. Team Wendy’s customised Boa® Fit System guarantees a precise fit adjustment with single handed quick release and accessory rails allow for mounting a variety of lights and cameras. The helmet has removable ear cups specifically designed to be comfortable while using in-ear communication systems and includes a pocket for drop-in audio device compatibility and it has, incredibly, 14 total vents – eight crown (adjustable), two front (passive open), four rear (fixed open) for maximum cooling during high exertion rescues. As well as its integrated goggle strap retention, it also has above-goggle vent channels draw air through the helmet to the rear exhaust ports to reduce goggle fogging. The M-216™ also comes standard with your choice of a Princeton Tec® Switch MPLS or Switch Rail task light that will mount directly onto the front section of the helmet rail.

The M-216 Ski Sar helmet, is a versatile, innovate ski search and rescue helmet that is equally relevant to the military user.

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