The Aquifer 200 Power Pack Solar

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The Aquifer 200 Power Pack Solar

The Aquifer 200 Power Pack Solar watermakers offer an easy-to-use, lightweight, and portable way to purify water from virtually any water source.

The Aquifer systems are built into rugged, military grade molded plastic cases that are engineered to survive the outdoor environment. The watermakers in the Aquifer 200 PPS can provide 8 gallons/hour (30 Liters/hour) of purified water from salty, brackish, or freshwater.
The Aquifer Power Pack Solar features a folding solar panel, MPPT solar charge controller, 30 amp hour deep cycle gel battery, and AC battery charger for complete off-grid operation. The Aquifer 200 Power Pack Solar can be connected to a 12v/24v DC power source like a car battery, 100-260v AC 50/60 Hz wall outlet or generator, or run independently from the included solar panel. All Aquifers come standard with Spectra’s unique Clark Pump energy recovery device, a product flow meter, pressure gauge and a hand-held salinity monitor.

The Aquifer series is ideal for emergencies, disaster relief, expeditions, military, and recreation. These units are built using Spectra’s revolutionary and proprietary Clark Pump, a high pressure intensifier that makes the watermaker so energy efficient that they are easily powered by solar panels.

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