on the man uas capability

Some of the most important emergent military technologies of the past two decades are micro and mini unmanned aerial systems (UAS). We are in a world where state and non-state actors are supplying their soldiers with “off-the-shelf” drone technology to accomplish their goals with less risk. And now, many governments are mitigating the issue by working directly with SMEs to strengthen their UAS capabilities. Brigantes stand at the vanguard of On-The-Man UAS technology.

Brigantes UAS Capability Sectors…

UAS Payload Typhon Distraction


When equipped with payloads, drones can transform into one of a military’s greatest tactical assets. With the right equipment, a drone can distract targets, exploit information, identify specific individuals, provide kinetec effect and more. Brigantes can provide the payload solution your drone needs to accomplish even the most demanding missions.

Sustainability - Military Mountain Tent


Surviving in the extreme cold requires careful planning, especially when it comes to shelter, food, and power. Brigantes provide modern militaries with everything they need to keep their soldiers rested, fed, and ready for the next leg of the journey.

ECW Load Carriage

Load Carriage

Extreme cold weather demands unique equipment needs. Unfortunately, carrying all of that additional equipment can make an arduous journey even more dangerous. That’s why Brigantes offer load carriage solutions that have been specially designed by experts who are familiar with the unique challenges of frigid environments. Our load carriage solutions will ensure you get every piece of equipment to your final destination, no matter what frozen hell you have to walk through.


Venture out into the cold without the proper clothing, and you’re destined for failure – or worse. Brigantes will help you choose the apparel you need to complete your mission, no matter where it leads you. Our team of skilled professionals will analyse your needs and point you to the most effective apparel for your journey, from base layers to outer layers and more.

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