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Dispatch to BFPO Address

We are pleased to dispatch to BFPO addresses at our UK P&P rates and with the VAT removed from the cost of the goods. Please check the details below so we are able to meet the legal requirements of providing this service for you.

If you are purchasing from a BFPO address and your goods are to be sent to that BFPO address, your address should be in the usual BFPO format of:

Service No, Rank Name, Unit/Regt, Operation Name (If applicable), BFPO No.

For example:

1234567, Pte Joe Bloggs, 1st Battalion, Operation HERRICK, BFPO 772

Then select BFPO as your “country” in the drop-down list of countries on the delivery address form as you go through checkout.

When you do this, the VAT-free price of the goods and the UK P&P rate will be shown before you confirm your order and pay.

If your BFPO address is outside the European Union, we can dispatch your goods immediately. If your BFPO address is inside the EU, we need a correctly completed and signed form 15(10). You can download a sample form 15(10) here: Tax Exemption Form 15(10). We will process your order when you place it, but cannot dispatch it until we receive your completed form 15(10) in the post. If we do not receive the completed form within 14 days, we will contact you to see if you still wish to proceed with your order.

Please post your form 15(10) to:

Brigantes Consulting Ltd, Dean Clarke House, Southernhay East, Exeter, EX1 1AP

BFPO - tax exemption form 15(10) If your are ordering from a BFPO address within the EU, and would like the VAT removed from the cost of your order, we need tax exemption form 15(10) from you. You can copy the 15(10) form below. Make sure your details are filled in correctly, and post the completed form to us, so we receive it within 14 days of your placing your order. Then we can remove the VAT from your order and dispatch your goods to you at your BFPO address. If you have any questions, do contact us on +44 1874 623613 and we will be happy to help. Thank you. Letterhead detailing name and address of regiment/squadron etc Brigantes Consulting Ltd Dean Clarke House Southernhay East Exeter EX1 1AP Date……………………. Dear Brigantes, CONFIRMATION OF VAT FREE STATUS Re: [Customer’s rank, initials, surname, and number] I confirm that [Customer’s rank, initials, surname, and number] is serving in [regiment/squadron etc] in [country] Therefore they are eligible to claim VAT exemption as per Article 15/10 of the EC directive 77/388/EEC (or other subsequent legislation if appropriate). Please process their order with Aidan Sweeney, 7-8 The Market Arcade, Brecon, Powys LD3 9DA free of UK VAT. Yours sincerely, [SIGNATURE] [Name] (Commanding Officer/Adjutant)


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