As an established defence supplier with years of experience and numerous contracts, Brigantes understands the needs of modern militaries. That’s why we’ve sourced, designed, and developed a portfolio of products that will meet those challenges head-on. And it’s also why we’ve implemented a unique sales process that empowers militaries to get the equipment and gear they need to accomplish every mission.

The team at Brigantes work alongside our partners, including the world’s leading brands and suppliers, to ensure every contract is fulfilled and every soldier is equipped for success.

Enabling your procurement opportunities

If you have questions, our team of skilled professionals have answers. Our years of experience in the industry have prepared us to guide you to the products and services you need most. We’re not interested in simply making a sale. Instead, we want to equip you and your team for success.

When you procure your equipment from Brigantes, we’ll go above and beyond to support you. We offer all the training and advice you could need to get the most out of your equipment. And if you ever have questions about anything, we’re only a click away.

We’ve designed our procurement system to be simple and easy to use, so you can get the kit you need without jumping through hoops or navigating any red tape.

Sales & Procurement


If you can carry it we can source or develop it. From clothing and footwear, to bergans and plate carriers, to drones and ballistic helmets. Roger so far?

Online Procurement Platform

Online Procurement Platform

Request Quotes From Over 6000 Products

Brigantes online procurement platform allows members to browse tactical and adventure products and build quotes as frequently, or as extensive as you require. The Brigantes sales team review all quotes and can make product suggestions to suit your requirements or budget.