There’s no telling where a mission might take you, from frigid snowfields to dense urban environments. And having the right tactical equipment for the task at hand can be the difference between operational success and failure.

If you’re going to be prepared for every contingency, you’ll need reliable, cutting-edge equipment that won’t let you down when the pressure is on.
That’s where Brigantes comes in.

Our team have leveraged their decades of operational military experience along with their deep, technical knowledge of the outdoor industry to provide advanced solutions that meet the challenges of the world’s most extreme environments head-on. With Brigantes at your side, you’ll have the latest tactical brands and products at your fingertips. And you’ll always be ready, no matter where the mission takes you.

Leading-Edge Solutions

Defence technology is constantly evolving, offering ever greater protection, versatility, and resilience. That’s why Brigantes never stops searching for the latest, most innovative material and designs. We work alongside end-users and manufacturers to develop leading-edge solutions that meet the needs of today’s military – no matter where they’re deployed.

Our team’s experience in the outdoor industry has given us unique insight into the optimal ways to survive and operate in diverse, dangerous environments. We’ve got the tactical equipment you need to succeed at every mission, no matter where it takes you.

We offer a wide variety of tactical products, including…

  • Tactical Technology
  • Apparel & Footwear
  • Sustainability
  • Protection
  • Load Carriage
  • Extreme Cold Weather


If you can carry it, we can source or develop it. From clothing and footwear to bergans and plate carriers to drones and ballistic helmets. Roger so far?

Tactical Technology

Today’s soldier is increasingly reliant on the power of cutting-edge tactical technology for mission success. Brigantes understands this and works with a variety of innovative partners to provide the latest military tech solutions, from sophisticated drones to wearable biometric sensors and more.

Apparel & Footwear

Dependable apparel and footwear are the foundation for any well-equipped soldier. Without them, no unit will get far. That’s why Brigantes have collaborated with the sharpest minds in equipment and textile design to create rugged clothing and footwear that offer maximum protection, versatility, and comfort.

Sustainability - Military Mountain Tent


When they’re in the field, soldiers don’t have the luxury of stopping for a bite to eat. Instead, they depend on the sleeping bags, shelters, power sources, and food they’re carrying with them. Brigantes has used its decades of experience in the outdoor industry to create the best sustainability products possible, so every soldier always has what he needs.



Effective defensive gear must strike the perfect balance between protection and mobility. Brigantes offers comfortable protective equipment that won’t become a burden or hinder soldiers’ agility while in the field.

Load Carriage

Load Carriage

Shelter, food, and power sources can be few and far between while in the field. In those circumstances, soldiers rely wholly on what they can carry on their backs. Thanks to its experience in the outdoor industry, Brigantes is well equipped to craft high quality, lightweight gear that offers space for everything a soldier needs while on the move.

Extreme Cold Weather

If a mission takes you into hellishly cold weather, having the right gear can be a matter of life or death. Brigantes has designed and crafted the kind of cold-resistant gear you need to keep going, even in the most extreme circumstances.

Brigantes Core Tactical Brands…